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Why appoint a Consultant?

We are sometimes asked why appoint a consultant? In answer to this question we will ask you a few questions?

  • How do you determine the scope of work to b
  • What are the required specifications to carry out a certain jobs?
  • Are you taking proper measurements?
  • Have you awarded the work to the proper person at a reasonable cost?
  • What is Polymer plaster? On which part of the structure is it to be carried out?
  • How much Polymer is to be used?
  • Which Polymer is to be used?
  • What and when is Epoxy to be used?
  • What is jacketing? Is there any alternative for it?
  • When should one ideally start curing (watering) a completed job?
  • What should one do if you have insufficient water for curing?

And lots of more questions. And even after the work is over there is some leakage /seepage problem later on how to rectify it. Many of the society members may be very well qualified in their fields, but do you have a Civil Engg. Amongst you who are well versed in civil repairs and maintenance and are to take the responsibility of the work from start to end. If your answer to most of this question is no then appoint a consultant before going for repairs. Of course then there is one more question of why should we appoint a consultant and pay consulting fees. Your building cannot be repaired again and again. But getting technical help will ensure that the work you do will last you for years and years

A Consultant will save you at least twice what you pay as consulting fees in terms of:
a) Technical Service b) Technical knowledge c) Saving Time. d) Long lasting and satisfactory jobs. e) Curtailing of unnecessary work. f) Proper utilization of society's fund If given an opportunity we would like to have an interaction session with society office bearers. We ensure your peace of mind by conducting a hassle free work.

Leave all your worries to us as we make your structures durable.
We Make your Structures Sound

6 Ways in Which You Benefit From the Expertise of Project Management Consultants

  • Hard Rupee-value savings that come from proven contract negotiation skills
  • Commercial design and construction alternatives you may not have thought of
  • The best possible long-term Return on investment for your commercial construction project
  • More time to focus on your core competencies
  • Lower employee costs by taking advantage of our technical expertise on an as-needed, per-project basis
  • And the comfort that comes when you know an independent and impartial party is working on your behalf, and with your best interests in mind

Our Services

  • Conducting structural surveys
    Conducting surveys to determine the nature & scope of repairs to be
  • Providing an estimate for the repairs
  • Preparing tenders and setting specifications.
  • Scrutinizing the tenders & short-listing of contracting agencies.
  • Conducting background surveys of the selected contracting agencies. Jointly interviewing the contractors and selecting the best possible contractor out of the short-listed ones.
  • Preparing agreements before starting work.
  • Supervising the work and taking it to final completion with our expert team of Engg. And Site supervisors
  • Checking the quality and the quantity of the materials as per the specifications
  • Ensuring the best workmanship at all times.
  • To ensure timely completion of work.
  • Acting as an impartial referee between the society and the contractor
  • Surveying the work after 1 year and rectification of defects if any.To ensure timely completion of work.

Project management

This is achieved in 3 stages:

Stage- I: Carrying out survey and preparation of budget estimate.

Stage- II: Preparation of tender, invitation of bids and finalization of contractor.

Stage- III: Execution of work.

Stage-I: Carrying out survey and preparation of budget estimate



Before taking up the repair, the consultant has to first thoroughly inspect the building from outside as well as inside of each flat and assess / quantify the following:

  • Damage took place to each Structural members,
  • Find out the causes of various leakages, whether it is due to the monsoon or from internal sources i.e. W.C., kitchen, and bath.
  • Condition of External Plaster, Drain lines, Water Supply lines, Waterproofing of O.H. water tank, U/G water tank, Pavement, Plinth protection, Waterproofing of terrace etc.
  • Any major changes / alternation made by any residence affecting the stability of the structure.

After analyzing the various damages / observation, the consultant has to find out the right treatment / methodology of repair for the effective and long lasting result. Also, the inspection report covers various options of repair methods along with the tentative estimates based on the present market rates which helps client in selecting a proper grade of repair. In case of shortage of funds the consultant will guide the most important items which are required to be executed on priority basis after seeing the condition of the building and considering the stability of the building so that the work can be executed smoothly without any stoppage in phases. This will help client in collecting the sufficient fund for carrying the quality job.

Stage-II: Preparation of tender, invitation of bids and finalization of contractor


    By considering the approved items by client the consultant will prepare the Tender Document. Tender is a very crucial document for any repair project, which controls the quality and Cost of the project. The contractor is totally bound by various terms and condition, technical specification and well define nature of work. Tender document reduce the chances of any extra items likely to come during the execution of the repair work.
    Before starting of any repair work, the consultants has to carefully prepare a detail tender covering general condition of contract, various information to tender, technical specification for all the work supposed to be carried out, bill of quantity etc.


    After preparation of the tender document the enquiry is floated and the tender is given to the technically and financially sound contractors. After receiving all the sealed tenders, the same is opened in the presence of client. After detail study of the tender from technical and commercial angle a Bid Comparison Report is prepared with consultant’s recommendation.
    After jointly discussing the bid comparison report prepared by the consultants, three contractors are normally short-listed and called for the interview. After negotiating various terms and condition with all the three perspective tenders followed by site visits to their current & old sites, one mutually acceptable contractor is finally selected to carry out the proposed repair work, who is techno commercially best viable & the most acceptable.

Stage-III: Execution of work

  • PREPARATION OF WORK ORDER: After selection of the contractor, a work order is prepared covering all the negotiated terms and condition and detail Bill of Quantity with Final Amount of Contract along with the time schedule.
  • PROJECT PLANNING: After placing of work order the contractor is asked to prepare a detailed Activity Schedule as per the scope of work with help of consultant’s office including cash flow chart.
  • SITE SUPERVIOSION: A knowledgeable site supervisor is deputed at site to check whether each activates being carried out by the contractor are as per the specification or not. Day - to - day report is prepaid including actual material consumption record and recording of measurement in a prescribe format. All hidden measurement is recorded by plotting method to reduce the chance of manipulation.
  • QUALITY CHECK: A regular visits at least one of the senior person every week is arranged from the office to have full control on routine activities at site. Mr. Jatin Ambani will personally visit the site minimum once a week or some time more than once as per the site / job requirement to check the quality of ongoing repairs, work progress & any other requirement of client.

    After removing of plaster, seeing the actual condition of the building, if required, necessary instruction / specification shall be issued to the contractor as per the requirement of the structure to have a right kind of repair for its long life. Maximum emphasis is given on surface preparation work prior to plaster and R.C.C. repair work.
  • PREPERATION OF “PAYMENT ADVICE CERTIFICATE”: After a sizeable amount of job is completed the contactor will raise a running bill, which in turn shall be approval by the consultants office and payment advice will be issued for releasing of the payment to the client. Prompt payment by the client will ensure timely completion of the project.
  • SERVICE GUARANTEE AGREEMENT: Depending upon the grade of repair as selected by the client in the beginning of the repair project, the consultants get the service guarantee agreement signed by the contractor for equivalent period, which vary from 5 to 10 years.
  • LEGAL ASSISTANCE : In case of not getting proper service from the contractor during the period of service guarantee agreement the company’s legal department take care of all legal implication of the project concerning with the contractor and the client is totally relieved from any kind of legal hassle.
  • INSURANCE: We ensure proper insurances are taken by contractor at his cost on behalf of client to indemnify client from any hassle of either person working at site or third party person/ property getting damaged during tenure of project.
  • ARBITRATION: We try & resolve problem / misunderstanding / different interpretation between client & contractor & in event of disagreement continuing, we get the same solved working as arbitrator in mutually agreeable & convincing manner.

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