iclAn ISO 9001:2015 Certified Companyiaf


Conducting structural surveys
Conducting surveys to determine the nature & scope of repairs to be

Providing an estimate for the repairs

Preparing tenders and setting specifications.

Scrutinizing the tenders & short-listing of contracting agencies.

Conducting background surveys of the selected contracting agencies.
Jointly interviewing the contractors and selecting the best possible contractor out of the short-listed ones.

Preparing agreements before starting work.

Supervising the work and taking it to final completion with our expert team of Engg. And Site supervisors

Checking the quality and the quantity of the materials as per the specifications

Ensuring the best workmanship at all times.

To ensure timely completion of work.

Acting as an impartial referee between the society and the contractor

Surveying the work after 1 year and rectification of defects if any.To ensure timely completion of work.

Project management

This is achieved in 3 stages:
Stage- I:   Carrying out survey and preparation of budget estimate.
Stage- II:    Preparation of tender, invitation of bids and finalization of contractor.
Stage- III:    Execution of work.