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Advice is a consortium; Mumbai-based firm staffed with Owner's, Representatives and Construction Consultants serving Building/Facilities Owners, Government, Corporate and Developers throughout India.

Advice was founded with the sole purpose of providing independent and impartial construction consulting services to Building/Facilities Owners, Operators, Lenders and Developers. We are not affiliated with any Contractors, Vendors, Suppliers or Manufacturers; hence, clients can be assured that the services we provide are purely for their benefit, based on unbiased analysis and an agreed Scope of Work.

We are also a well-organized, firm specializing in proper and in depth technical consultation for redevelopment work for co-operative Housing Societies.

We have an in-house team of
(a) Structural Engineers
(b) Architects
(c) Executive Consultants
(d) Site supervisors etc.

We provide an in depth analysis and solutions to reasons and causes raised by members during redevelopment process.

Our Philosophy

Our company philosophy is to provide clients, irrespective of their technical or construction knowledge, advice throughout a construction project, from initial scope definition to project close-out. For clients with in-house technical personnel, but not the time or resources to devote to a project, Advice will work in conjunction with them. Clients can select specific services as desired for their projects, such as Owner's representative, Operation and maintenance or Inspection and Due Diligence.

Our Experience

Prior to founding the company, the directors were Design Engineers and Project Manager for prominent Consulting Engineering firms in Mumbai & had experience with multinationals dealing in construction materials, providing high-tech services for concrete mix design, restoration of infrastructure projects like bridges, jetties etc.. Other members of the company possess extensive experience in General Contracting, Inspection, Due Diligence, Operation and Maintenance services.

Professional affiliations:

  • ACE Association of Consulting Engineers
  • ACI The American Concrete Institute.
  • ICI Indian Concrete Institute.
  • PEATA (practicing engineers architect and town planners association)
  • BAI Builders association of India.
  • ISSE Indian society of structural engineer